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October 13, 2021

Sandvik to Acquire CAM Software Company Cambrio

U.S. manufacturing added 26,000 jobs in September, paced by fabricated metal products and machinery, according to a breakdown by industry issued by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Durable goods accounted for a majority of the gain. The increase was paced by fabricated metal products and machinery. Manufacturing was held back by job losses in motor vehicles and parts.


Tesla Inc., the electric-car maker, is relocating its headquarters to Texas from California, CEO Elon Musk said at the company's annual shareholders meeting, CNBC reported. Musk has criticized California officials over COVID-19 health orders. Musk personally has moved to Austin, Texas. The meeting was held at a plant Tesla is constructing in Texas.

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For a company that began building sharpening machinery for saws and cutting tools longer than a century ago, Vollmer of America is adept at keeping up on all three. Despite the pandemic, Vollmer moved into a new facility near Pittsburgh International Airport in June of 2020.

How to improve EV's

Changes in manufacturing "will require a combination of human workers and a new type of robot," writes Pavan Singh, vice president of product management, Lynx Software Technologies. "Instead of very large, expensive robots that can create specific goods in extremely high volume, the new wave of robots will be smaller, less costly and easy to reprogram."

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Manufacturers have an opportunity to put into practice some of the lessons they learned during the COVID-19 pandemic. Reimagined supply chains and increased automation are among the steps manufacturers are taking. Contributing Editor Geoff Giordano explores the issues.


Boeing Co.'s headquarters in Chicago "is in a state of limbo," Reuters reported. In 2021, Boeing relocated its headquarters from its manufacturing hub in Seattle. "The move was central to Boeing's plan to forge a new identity as a diversified global juggernaut," Reuters said. Now, "A new crop of top executives based mainly on the coasts are managing industrial and safety certification problems at its major divisions."

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